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New year, new OpenRC tractor tools!!!
Rice fields are harvested around September here in Spain. Once rice is harvested, it needs to be dried before storage or before processing it because we need to reduce humidity. Many years ago this was done by each farmer locally. They had threshing floors and they scattered the rice during day hours and stack it at night.
In order to do this, we need a leveler and a rake.

This leveler is used to scatter the rice in the morning (using tires) and to stack it at night removing the tires. Lower parts of the leveler were made of rubber parts to be able to sweep it better from the floor.
The same hook is used for several tools.
Check BOM pdf file for some tips on the assembly.

⇓ Download from MyMiniFactory


OpenRC_Tractor_leveler-family OpenRC_Tractor_leveler_side OpenRC_Tractor_leveler_closeup OpenRC_Tractor_leveler_back_zyyx

Watch the video in action and… enjoy!!


Download original tractor from here:

Download tractor rice rake from here:

More tools and add-ons from

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