Humbot Sargantana winner of the 3rd edition UOC-RMF awards

Makit’s Humbot Sargantana has been selected winner of the 3rd edition of the UOC-RMF awards inside social impact category. Here you can see some pics of the gala!   Thanks to UOC university and RMF foundation for the award and for letting me show my project. Check related articles here […]

ganador premios UOC-RMF 3a edición

Bluetooth connection instructions

Humbot control with bluetooth

Awesome news from makitpro! Now you can control your Humbot via bluetooth! Follow the connection instructions for bluetooth module HC-05 or similar (you need to add this module to your existing connections). Download apk from here, or visit our github. Download Humbot code from here (search for bluetooth version of your […]

Humbot Sargantana presentation

Makit proudly presents… Humbot Sargantana! This is an open source robot aimed to help you enter the awesome world of makers. It can be used as educational toy or, if you like to play with robots, just for fun! For the basic robot you’ll need: Plastic parts Arduino UNO board […]

Videos del Humbot Sargantana