ZYYX+ 3D printer and proPLA filament

Hi everyone! I’ve been a bit disconnected because I was working in a new project this summer (I think you’re going to love it) but I’m back! When I wrote a review about the ZYYX+ printer, I had just received some proPLA filament courtesy of ZYYX. The filament works perfectly […]

ZYYX proPLA filament OpenRC front wing

ZYYX polo t-shirt and OpenRC F1

ZYYX+ 3D printer review

  Introduction If you have read my latest posts (come on, there are not many of them), you’ll already know that I won Pinshape’s OpenRC F1 contest! Yay!! I also have received my awesome prize, a ZYYX+ 3D printer and a ZYYX limited polo t-shirt (thanks to Magicfirm). Well, after […]