Electronics, 3D printing and mechanics: STEP CLOCK 5

I have been wanting to use some stepper motors to design a clock for a long time, and finally I could find some time and IT IS HERE!
It uses two steppers to move hour and minute hands independently with 3D printed concentric shafts, while one Arduino compatible board controls everything.

Hexa Lamp main

Intoduction to electronics: The Hexa Lamp

Makit presents… the Hexa Lamp! an introduction to electronics for everyone…

I wanted to design something that used electronics and was easy to assemble for everyone. I thought that a lamp is always welcomed on our desk. So, I put myself to work and designed this one. In addition to using it as a lamp, it has interchangeable discs so it can be used as a bat signal to project some symbols, letters or logos on the wall or roof.

Humbot Sargantana winner of the 3rd edition UOC-RMF awards

Makit’s Humbot Sargantana has been selected winner of the 3rd edition of the UOC-RMF awards inside social impact category. Here you can see some pics of the gala!   Thanks to UOC university and RMF foundation for the award and for letting me show my project. Check related articles here […]

ganador premios UOC-RMF 3a edición