Monthly Archives: January 2017


OpenRC Tractor leveler 1

New year, new OpenRC tractor tools!!! Rice fields are harvested around September here in Spain. Once rice is harvested, it needs to be dried before storage or before processing it because we need to reduce humidity. Many years ago this was done by each farmer locally. They had threshing floors […]

OpenRC Tractor cabin 4

New year, new OpenRC Tractor add-ons!!! A cabin makes the tractor more comfortable and many users added it afterwards. This is the case of my father’s tractor and the OpenRC tractor cabin is here to make it even more similar to the original, they are like two peas in a […]



OpenRC tractor motor mod 2

If you want to use a standard 540 size motor, you’ll need to replace parts #1 (lower chassis), #2 (upper chassis), #23 right and left (fender arms) and the motor axle. Moreover, you’ll need to add pinion and gear parts that are not present on the original design. Download Original […]