Learn programming, electronics and robotics with Arduino


Take a look at the amazing activities we've prepared for you

Here you can find some Arduino related activities

All of them are based on the Elecfreaks kit that you can buy from here

In these activities, we'll use Elecfreaks absolute begginer kit componets to learn the basics about coding, electronics and robotics. You can get the kit from HERE.

Once you complete the activities, you'll be able to use different compoents with your Arduino compatible board to make some awesome projects. Use your imagination and show us what you've done!

Where do I start?

Here are some basic instructions to help you follow this lesson.

In each activity you'll find different parts:

  • What are we going to do? → In this section you'll find a short explanation about the activity
  • Materials → A list of nedeed materials. Before starting, double check that you have everything.
  • Instructions → Follow them carefully to be succesful
  • Now, what else? → A list of questions/activities about the lesson. You'll need to answer/do every single one of them and show them to your teacher.
  • Language scaffolding → Different language scaffolding to help you with the language problems you may encounter.

You'll find a carousel with the activities at the bottom of this page or you can click directly on their names. The correct order to approach them is:

  1. Hello world with Arduino: Blink
  2. Inputs and outputs: button
  3. LDR sensor
  4. Buzzer!
  5. PIR sensor
  6. Temp and hum sensor
  7. Seven segment display
  8. Encoder and servo
  9. Final project: What's the coolest thing I can do with an Arduino board?