250ml can office garden

250 Office Garden

This object has been designed for the MyMiniFactory FUELINGINNOVATION competition sponsored by ESSO. When I saw the competition, I thought it was a very good initiative and I instantly wanted to be a part of it.

The idea of up-cycling and re-purposing the 250ml can for other uses gives us a world of endless possibilities where we have to use our imagination. In my case, I wanted to bear in mind that designs entered may be considered for use in future marketing initiatives post competition. So, for me, it needed to cover some important points.

  • It had to be easy to print and assemble, as if it is aimed to masses, we don’t want complex things and lots of pieces. Moreover, it should be easily printed at home regardless of what printer you’re using.
  • The can had to be used without modifying it (cut or drilled) for obvious safety concerns.
  • I needed something visually appealing that caught the attention.
  • I wanted to give the cans a “green use”. I mean I wanted it to be something related with nature, plants, garden, well-being or something like that.

With that in mind I started to brainstorm and came up with this idea that I think covers what I wanted to accomplish from the beginning, an office or house garden!!  


Some studies say that adding plants to your home or office has shown to produce many physical and psychology health benefits and, let’s be honest, it also makes it more beautiful, doesn’t it?

Using a couple of cans and some 3D printed parts, I designed an office (or house) garden that have multiple purposes. It is modular and you can create a very simple one-can-one-plant office garden or be adventurous and design a beautifully complex garden with different plants, a pen holder, a note holder, a clip tray, etc.

The thing is, everyone can put together as many plants or cans as they want and create a unique layout!


  • 250ml cans
  • 3D printed parts
  • M3 bolts (to secure the connectors in place). M3x10-12mm should do. Bolts are directly screw to the plastic but if you have problems with that, you can always use a nut at the back.
  • Optional: some 55mm diameter plant or you can print one or use just as a stand.

Description and instructions

  • 250-double-connector: to connect two items. It can join two cans or one can and one pot, tray, stand, etc
  • 250-triple-connector: to connect three items. It can be three cans or any other combination.
  • 250-tray: a simple flat tray to pick up the extra water or to put a candle, some paperclips, thumbtacks, office stuff or anything else.
  • 250-funnel-tray: this funnel tray has a bottom hole to direct the water to the can hole. That’s why the whole it’s not in the centre. With this, you can re-use the extra water dropping from another pot.
  • 250-plant-pot: a simple 54mm inner diameter plant pot. It has bottom holes for the excess of water. You can re-use the extra water by putting a tray or a can at the bottom. A small cactus fits perfectly as you can see in the picture.
  • 250-note-holder (clip tray and paper clip): an explanation is not really needed isn’t it? 🙂
  • 250-car-stand: This is a stand for my soon to be released collection of car models. Download car models from HERE (available soon).
  • 250-flower (flower, stem and base): In case you don't want a natural flower, you can print this one!
  • 250-join-connector: optional to secure can connections.

Note: when creating your garden, bear in mind its stability. If you have problems, you can fill the empty cans with sand or water to avoid it from tipping or rolling over.

Check the pictures for some ideas designing your garden or just create your personal one!

I really hope that you like it and I look forward to seeing your prints soon!!

Video in action

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