OpenRC Tractor cabin 4

New year, new OpenRC Tractor add-ons!!!
A cabin makes the tractor more comfortable and many users added it afterwards. This is the case of my father’s tractor and the OpenRC tractor cabin is here to make it even more similar to the original, they are like two peas in a pod!! ;P


  • The body has big bridges and it has some built-in supports that are easy to remove. Mine printed well in my ZYYX+ with these built-in supports but bear in mind that you’ll need a printer with a blower.
  • There are two different body files depending on the motor you use; part 62 is for normal original tractor while part 62b is for tractors with the motor mod.
  • In order for the windows to open, you need to use 4 needles (2 each) that act as a hinge. NEEDLES AND FRONT WINDOWS MUST BE ASSEMBLED BEFORE OTHER PARTS.
  • Mount roof last, so you can access the screws

Check BOM pdf file for some tips on the assembly and settings.


⇓ Download OpenRC Tractor CABIN from MyMiniFactory

⇓ Download original OpenRC Tractor from MyMiniFactory

OpenRC_Tractor_cabin_release_hood_logo OpenRC_tractor_comparison


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4 thoughts on “OpenRC Tractor cabin

  • Brian

    Looks awesome mate. Looking forward to seeing it uploaded. Cheers PS: Have you any more parts coming soon? EG: Bailer, rower etc? thanks heaps

    • makit Post author

      Hey Brian! Thanks for the comments 🙂 OpenRC Tractor cabin is available!!
      Yes, I have some new tools coming soon and plan to design more parts in the future but haven’t decided what yet.

      • bikepartssearcherGalinho

        Hi makit! Excellent job! Thanks for providing us with files in order to print that beauty. Plow should always be the first tool to print after designing a tractor. It’s the most importand tool to cultivate the fields.