Makitpro models

Makitpro Models: Test your printer with style!

When you get a new printer, the first thing you do is search for something to try it out. We can agree that this is a universal truth. But it doesn’t stop there, every time you get a new filament or a new color or even if you just tweak some settings on your slicer, you want to try it out by printing something. You normally go to the Internet to search for something cool. There are lots of awesome things out there to download but still, I wanted to design my own.

For me, it was actually more important, not only to test my printer, but to get a cool object in return. That’s when I came up with these car models. I obviously like cars, so I designed a car model based on some popular car. Then I liked it and I thought of designing a stand so I could show it off. Then I designed another one because the first one was so lonely… and I wanted to give him some brothers and sisters 😉

My idea is to keep designing models from time to time as long as the community keeps downloading them, so I can make a big collection. I really like the idea, maybe no one else does, but I’ll try my best and we’ll see 🙂

By the way, there is also a car holder tray for my 250 office garden. If you prefer a cars rather than plants, you can create a CarGarden with some 250ml cans!



You’ll need:


  • You’ll need to glue the cabin, front and rear bumper (spoiler too in some cases).
  • For the wheels you just need to use some M3 bolts and self locking nuts and follow the pictures here.
  • Finally, insert the tires into the bearings and lastly the rims to cover the bolts.

Printing instructions