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Arduino cheat sheet 1

Here you can find an Arduino cheat sheet to help you when programming your Humbot. Extracted from:  

Arduino cheat sheet

Pinshape’s Open RC accessory contest winners announced!

I’m incredibly happy to announce that… I won the open RC accessory contest!! yay!! Many thanks to everyone! Thanks to Daniel Noree for the original design, thanks to Pinshape for the contest, thanks to ZYYX for the awesome prize and thanks to the judges for choosing my design over all of the awesome projects. […]

3D tower for the ZYYX + 3D printer

I won the Pinshape Open RC contest!! Thanks to ZYYX for this awesome prize, thanks to Pinshape and jury and thanks to Daniel Noree for the original design, it was great as all his designs! Well, that was a couple of weeks ago but, thanks to ZYYX and Pinshape, I have […]

ZYYX+ 3d printer pinshape openRC contest prize

3D print your Humbot

If you have a 3D printer, congratulations!, you can print your own Humbot!   You can find the design files in Pinshape following this link: Humbot Sargantana on Pinshape You’ll have to follow your printer instructions and settings. However, we help you with the settings we used: Material: PLA Layer […]

Humbot Sargantana presentation

Makit proudly presents… Humbot Sargantana! This is an open source robot aimed to help you enter the awesome world of makers. It can be used as educational toy or, if you like to play with robots, just for fun! For the basic robot you’ll need: Plastic parts Arduino UNO board […]

Videos del Humbot Sargantana