Impossible dovetail puzzle

The impossible dovetail puzzle (yet, another one)

I wanted to challenge my nephews and nieces for Christmas. While searching the Internet, I stumbled on Clickspring machined impossible dovetail puzzle on Youtube. It is an amazing job and I decided to design one myself. Taking it as an inspiration, I modified it a little and added some extras to make it more challenging. You can  get it from MyMiniFactory.

You'll need a few things:

Impossible dovetail puzzle alone


All parts print without supports and are exported with the right orientation to import directly to your favourite slicer. I used standard 0.2mm layer settings on my ZYYX+ 3D printer.

IMPORTANT: in order to work correctly, it has to be a tight fit. So, you'll need a well tuned printer. It prints perfect in my ZYYX+ but bear in mind that you may have to adjust some settings depending on your printer.

SPOILER ALERT! I don't want to publish here the secret to open it, if you want to know how it works, visit this link.

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