Everyday objects

Impossible dovetail puzzle main

Impossible dovetail puzzle

I wanted to challenge my nephews and nieces for Christmas. While searching the Internet, I stumbled on Clickspring machined impossible dovetail puzzle on Youtube. It is an amazing job and I decided to design one myself. Taking it as an inspiration, I modified it a little and added some extras to make it more challenging.

Electronics, 3D printing and mechanics: STEP CLOCK 5

I have been wanting to use some stepper motors to design a clock for a long time, and finally I could find some time and IT IS HERE!
It uses two steppers to move hour and minute hands independently with 3D printed concentric shafts, while one Arduino compatible board controls everything.

Everyday objects, dishwasher funnel

Do you have to refill your dishwasher with salt and it goes everywhere but in the hole? Use this 3D printed funnel and voila! your problem goes away!

Dishwasher funnel ok

Mario’s piranha plant pen holder

I wanted a pen holder but didn’t find just the right for me. So I put myself to work and designed this one. It is inspired by Mario’s piranha plant and also serves as a cable organizer to charge your phone. The plant can also be used to put some pictures or notes.