Humbot Sargantana presentation

Humbot Sargantana presentation

Makit proudly presents…

Humbot Sargantana!

This is an open source robot aimed to help you enter the awesome world of makers. It can be used as educational toy or, if you like to play with robots, just for fun!

For the basic robot you’ll need:

  • Plastic parts
  • Arduino UNO board (or compatible)
  • 2x continuous rotation servos
  • RGB led module for arduino
  • SR-04 ultrasonic sensor
  • 4x dupont cables
  • Battery holder (6xAA)
  • 14x M3x12mm screws
  • 3x M3x30mm screws
  • 3x M3x40mm screws
  • 20x M3 nuts
  • Omni wheel
  • Rubber tires (o-ring)

There are different functions and programs. You’ll find the detailed list of materials, assembly instructions, connection instructions and code in the download section.

You can find it in Pinshape

Hope you like it, if you print it, comment!

Watch the presentation video below: