OpenRC Tractor

On the 30th of September 1971, my father bought his first tractor.  On its 45th anniversary, I proudly presented my star project, the OpenRC tractor.
It's an open source 1/10 scale replica of an original Ebro 160D tractor. I designed it all from scratch and 3D printed all parts. Then, I added some electronics, nuts and bolts and I made it work!

Since I released the first version, I never stopped designing new tools, mods and improving my original design. Here in my site you'll find links to materials, stl files, tutorials and, everything you need to build your own tractor.


There are different tractor versions (see below). It's always strongly recommended to print the last one, as it is always the better improved one.

I shared a spreadsheet with all parts and updated links to buy components that you can find here: OpenRC Tractor BOM 

The tractor is designed to be easy to print and no supports are needed for any part.

If you have any question, please check FAQ section where you can find updated information about assembly and some tips on choosing components.

Before asking, please watch my new assembly videos: Build with me videos

Versions of the tractor

OpenRC Tractor MK1

Download MK1

This is the first version of the tractor. It was released in 2017, on the 45th annyversary of the actual real tractor.

This version is functional but it has been greatly improved. There is a motor mod for this version (allows 540 size motor) but I don't recommend it as the tractor becomes uncontrollable.

If you're printing the tractor for the first time, you should always print last version of the tractor.


OpenRC Tractor MK2

Download MK2

This version was released in 2019 and improves several things:

  • I redesigned the transmission so you can add a differential gear. That makes the riding much better.
  • I used a new motor that has much more torque.
  • I designed new rear tires for smooth surfaces.
  • New under motor channel for rear cables.
  • I redesigned original tires to reduce vibration on smooth surfaces.
  • New series of assembly videos on youtube: Build with me videos
  • New updated spreadsheet with materials and links.

I tried to modify as few parts as possible, but you'd have to print some new parts. Please, check the BOM spreadsheet because there are some original parts that you won't need.

OpenRC Tractor MK2.1

Download MK2 tractor

Download differential mod

Download MF 65 mod

In 2020 I added a differential mod that helps with diff problems. They are just 3 new pieces but it makes a big difference.

You'll need OpenRC tractor MK2 and differential mod.

I also added MF65 mod parts. You can print original looks or MF65 mod but, if you print original, I suggest you print tires from MF65 mod (parts 28Am and 28Bm), they are much better looking (in my opinion).

Tools and addons

With OpenRC Tractor, possibilities are endless, navigate left or right for some awesome add-ons and tools!

If you print it, please share, I love to see tractors around the world!!

And you know what the best thing is? You can design your own tools!

Stay tuned to this page, more tools keep coming...

Download all tools and addons from here

There is a lot of work put into this project, hope you like it and to see your prints soon!


Watch the OpenRC tractor in action!

Thanks to ZYYX labs for sponsoring the project.
OpenRC tractor project follows OpenRC by Daniel Noree's philosophy and it is licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0

Some icons are designed by Madebyoliver from Flaticon