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OpenRC tractor connections

We’re here to help you with the OpenRC tractor connections. Check pictures for more details (click them to zoom). ⇓ Download OpenRC tractor from here Remember that you’ll need Basic control: 1 micro servo a 2 channel radio transmitter and receiver. A motor speed controller (ESC) One 370 motor and […]


OpenRC tractor motor mod

DOTM designer of the month on Pinshape

I’m really proud to announce that I was selected designer of the month on Pinshape!! Check out my article about 3D printing in education here In addition, I released some awesome new designs! Download this book marker Download the OpenRC tractor trailer Download OpenRC tractor motor mod  

Proto-pasta print contest winner: OpenRC tractor

Pinshape’s proto-pasta print contest winners were announced and i’m proud to say that the OpenRC Tractor was one of the winners!! Proto-pasta Print Contest Winners Announced! I’m even more proud because there were a lot of awesome prints and as they say “This one was especially tough as we got a ton […]


ZYYX proPLA filament OpenRC front wing

ZYYX+ 3D printer and proPLA filament

Hi everyone! I’ve been a bit disconnected because I was working in a new project this summer (I think you’re going to love it) but I’m back! When I wrote a review about the ZYYX+ printer, I had just received some proPLA filament courtesy of ZYYX. The filament works perfectly […]

SUP! SD card holder 1

Makitpro presents SUP, a cool adjustable SD holder! Get it at MyMiniFactory and happy printing! Although it is aimed to computers displays, as it is adjustable, it fits other places up to 16mm thick and can store up to 7 SD cards. For example I use it with my display but also […]

SUP! SD card holder on my ZYYX+ 3D printer

Bluetooth connection instructions

Humbot control with bluetooth

Awesome news from makitpro! Now you can control your Humbot via bluetooth! Follow the connection instructions for bluetooth module HC-05 or similar (you need to add this module to your existing connections). Download apk from here, or visit our github. Download Humbot code from here (search for bluetooth version of your […]

ZYYX+ 3D printer review

  Introduction If you have read my latest posts (come on, there are not many of them), you’ll already know that I won Pinshape’s OpenRC F1 contest! Yay!! I also have received my awesome prize, a ZYYX+ 3D printer and a ZYYX limited polo t-shirt (thanks to Magicfirm). Well, after […]

ZYYX polo t-shirt and OpenRC F1

arduino pushbutton makit

Arduino: pushButton to switch

Today we’re going to show how to use a pushButton as a switch just by programming Arduino. PushButtons can activate an output (eg buzzer or a led) when we press them. En activity 3 section 2 (from downloads) we use File-> Examples-> Digital ->Button to turn a led on or […]