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Do you think it's possible to learn to code, electronics, robotics AND English while you're having fun? Join us in this incredible journey and find out by yourself!

At the end of the workshop we will know a bit more about this awesome piece of hardware that is the micro:bit board and we'll play with the amazing Humbot mi:sumo!

You can buy the micro:bit board or accessories from BricoGeek

What do we have for you?


BBC's micro:bit board was recently born from a collaboration between 29 partners. The BBC micro:bit was designed to be more approachable than just coding, it's a great way to achieve fun, practical results with motivated students and it's perfect for young makers.



Even if our native language is Spanish or Catalan, we will be working with CLIL methodology to teach coding, robotics, and electronics through English.

3D printed

We'll use 3D printed parts and materials to assemble some great projects that make use of the micro:bit endless possibilities


This is a face-to-face workshop, but you can access its contents here

Activity 1

Getting started with the micro:bit board

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Activity 2

Get to know the micro:bit board

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Activity 3

Variables and micro:bit

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Activity 4

Conditionals, IF this, THEN that

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Activity 5

Let's do some magic

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Activity 6

LEDs and coordinates

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Activity 7

Radio communication

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Activity 8

Humbot mi:sumo

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Activity 9

Bluetooth communication

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With the support of INS Berenguer d'Entença and Ajuntament de Vandellòs i l'Hospitalet de l'Infant

Micro:bit board offers an incredible amount of awesome projects.

More info about microbit board and great project ideas can be found at the official site

Parts of these materials are based on the Microsoft’s PXT project under MIT license that can be found here: