LDR sensor

In this activity you’ll write some code that turn a led on o off when ambient light is low. We will achieve this thanks to a LDR sensor brick or LDR circuit.



Inputs and outputs: button

Inputs and outputs: buttonTurn a led on when pressing a button What are we going to do? In this activity you’ll write some code that turn a led on o off when a button is pressed. You can find this code under Arduino IDE -> File -> Examples -> Digital […]

Hello world with Arduino: Blink

In this activity you’ll program your first Arduino code.
This code turns a LED on for a second, then off for one second, repeatedly. You can find this code under Arduino IDE -> File ->Examples -> Basics ->Blink
You don’t need any extra components as it uses a LED connected to pin13 that most Arduino boards have.

Railroad hand car Assembly Step 20

The Railroad Hand Car 11

Makit proudly presents… The Railroad Hand Car! It is scale model of a hand car that works with a micro motor and a switch to turn it on-off or change direction. It also has an optional driver and a wagon.

Electronics, 3D printing and mechanics: STEP CLOCK

I have been wanting to use some stepper motors to design a clock for a long time, and finally I could find some time and IT IS HERE!
It uses two steppers to move hour and minute hands independently with 3D printed concentric shafts, while one Arduino compatible board controls everything.

OpenRC Tractor lifter main

OpenRC Tractor lifter

A new OpenRC Tractor tool is out! Makit presents…THE LIFTER
Be prepared to have lots of fun with this new OpenRC Tractor tool. You can use it in combination with the trailer and load and unload pallets or other tools. The pallet is also available!!

Intoduction to electronics: The Hexa Lamp

Makit presents… the Hexa Lamp! an introduction to electronics for everyone…

I wanted to design something that used electronics and was easy to assemble for everyone. I thought that a lamp is always welcomed on our desk. So, I put myself to work and designed this one. In addition to using it as a lamp, it has interchangeable discs so it can be used as a bat signal to project some symbols, letters or logos on the wall or roof.

Hexa Lamp main

OpenRC Tractor rice rake

Once rice is harvested, it needs to be dried before storage or before processing it because we need to reduce humidity. Many years ago this was done by each farmer locally. They had threshing floors and they scattered the rice during day hours and stack it at night.
In order to do this, we need a leveler and a rake.