OpenRC tractor plow for Monster Hunter contest 3

Capcom's Monster Hunter has some amazing weapons, swords, hammers, lances, axes, bows..., but, have you ever thought about using some of them to plow the fields with a tractor? Hehe, I know it seems crazy but what if you actually could? You know what, now you can!

Well, sort of, with my new OpenRC Tractor tool, the Monster Hunter plow!!!

Maybe you're asking, how could you think about using some swords to plow fields? Well, I wanted to design something for the Capcom/Raise3D/MyMiniFactory contest, but I wanted it to be something different. I was thinking about some different uses for the weapons when, while working with a new OpenRC Tractor tool (shh, it's a secret) it came to me that some of the massive great swords would be perfect to plow rice fields. Hey, said to myself, that's a great idea! So, I started to analyze weapons and decided that this great sword was the most suitable.

monster hunter great sword

The rest is just design, print, try, redesign and finally, here it is!!!


You can print the sword separately or the whole kit to have your own great sword plow! It's really easy to assemble with just a few M3 screws and nuts. Of course, you will also need the OpenRC Tractor for a full experience 😉

Hope you like it and hope to make a good impression at the contest!

By the way, It would be awesome to see your prints!!

Print list and settings:

  • 6 x Monster_Hunter_great_sword (Recommended 0,1mm layer or fine tune) It has some built-in supports that are easy to remove.
  • 6 x Monster_Hunter_great_sword_decor_left (Recommended 0,1mm layer or fine tune)
  • 6 x Monster_Hunter_great_sword_decor_right (Recommended 0,1mm layer or fine tune)
  • 1 x ORC_tractor_MH_body (Recommended 0,2mm layer or medium tune)
  • 6 x ORC_tractor_MH_connector (Recommended 0,1-0,2mm layer or medium tune)
  • 1 x ORC-tractor_universal_hook (Recommended 0,2-0,3mm layer or medium tune) 

Watch the video in action and... enjoy!!

⇓ Download OpenRC Tractor Monster Hunter PLOW

Download original tractor from HERE.

More tools and add-ons can be found at the OpenRC Tractor main page

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